If Ethereum Cannot Break The Resistance, It Could Fall


Ethereum has performed strongly in the past 24 hours. While the cryptocurrency moved to $ 360, it reached its highest price during the day. As of the writing of the news, the leading altcoin is at $ 354.

While this was a bullish price action, Ethereum has seen many resistance above the current price.
Analysts say that the failure of Ethereum to exceed the $ 360 level and convert it to support exposes the coin to a decline.

Source: TradingView

Bitcoin can affect the price action of ETH at the end of the day. Analysts should watch Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming days to determine the direction in which the rest of the cryptocurrency market will move.

Ethereum Prepares To Fall As Key Fails To Pass Resistance

Ethereum’s failure to cross the resistances in the $ 365-375 zone could result in a strong correction, according to expert analysts.

Michael Van De Poppe, a crypto analyst and a trader on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, says that if the cryptocurrency fails to overcome this resistance, it could drop to $ 300, followed by a further drop. This region is important as it has been where many ETH fixes have bottomed out in the past two months.

“ETH is moving up and that’s good. However, resistance to break the critical barrier is around $ 366-375. If this breaks, ETH is ready for $ 415. If not, I assume it will go to $ 280 in Q4 as a possible level for more corrective action. ”

All Eyes on Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s price movements will determine all other altcoin movements.

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Analysts are optimistic about BTC after the coin soared to $ 11,000 on Sunday evening. The increase showed to many that the short-term trend is bullish as opposed to a downtrend.

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