Idols who turn years during the month of June


K-pop not only has an agenda for group comebacks and new releases, there are also special days for fandoms – idol birthdays. A new month has already begun and many of them will be one more year old, some are in military service, others are preparing a new album with their colleagues and more.

Those born in June are characterized by having socializing skills, they are very creative, determined, although their humor also leads them to have certain conflicts. They are very striking with their way of being, although they are a little closed with their emotions and they are a bit indecisive, but each of them has a great talent that they have shown since they were young. We leave you a list with the idols who turn years in June.

June 1

E’Dawn, former Pentagon member, who will now focus on his solo career and who lives happily with his girlfriend Hyuna

3 of June

(23 years old, 24 Korean age) SinB from G-Friend, the girls have had great success with their comeback and album “Crossroads”.

(23 years old, 24 Korean age) Taeha from Momoland, this birthday will be special, as the girls prepare their comeback for this month.

June 4

Lovelyz’s Ye In, despite being very young, the girl has achieved great success with her group. The idol will celebrate just 23 years, 24 in Korean age.

June 6th

Hyuna, like her boyfriend, both share the month of birth. The singer will celebrate 28 years, 29 in Korean age. She continues her solo career and her personal vlog on YouTube.

Highlight’s DongWoon is currently in his military service, but his fans will be able to celebrate his 29th birthday in Korean age.

Kim Hyun Joong, the famous SS501 member and actor in dramas known as Playfull Kiss and Boys over Flowers, the idol will celebrate 34 years, 35 in Korean age. Currently, he continues with his solo career.

June 7th

T-ara’s Jeyeon, the singer will turn 27, 28 in Korean age, currently engaged in acting and has focused on her music as a solo artist.

DIA’s Jooeun, the idol will be 25 years old, 26 in Korean age. She and her group prepare for the June 10 comeback with “Flower 4 seasons.”

8 of June

JR of Nuest, the singer will celebrate 25 years, 26 in Korean age. His group recently made a comeback with the song “I’m in trouble”

Eun Ji Won of Sechskies, one of the legendary idols of the first K-pop bands will celebrate 41 years, 42 in Korean age, despite his age, he and his companions continue to be active.

UP10TION’s Wei, the singer will celebrate his 24th birthday in Korean age. He has achieved success thanks to his performance on the reality show Produce X 101.

June 9

Girls Days’ Hyeri will be 26, Korean age 27. The idol has dedicated herself to her career as a singer and actress, she is the maknae of the group.

June 10th

Jun de Seventeen, the member of Chinese origin will be just 24 years old, 25 in Korean age. The idol has demonstrated his talent as an actor and dancer for his group.

June 12

Jin from Lovelyz, the idol will celebrate her 24th, 25th birthday in Korean age. He recently made the group comeback with Once Upon a Time

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June 14th

Twice’s Tzuyu, who will celebrate his comeback achievement with “More & More” and his 21st birthday, 22 in Korean age. She is the maknae of her group.

NCT’s Taeil, the idol of SM company will celebrate 26 years, 27 in Korean age. His group made a comeback with Punch and Kick It.

June, 15

Hoshi de Seventeen, the dancer will celebrate his 24th birthday, 25 in Korean age. The boys are preparing for their next comeback.

June 16

DIA’s Ki Hee Hyun as the group prepares for their comeback with “4 Flower Seasons.” The idol will celebrate her 25th, 26th birthday in Korean age during her new album promotions.

VAV’s Ziu, the idol will turn 23, 24 in Korean age. He is the maknae of his group and has stood out for his talent as a dancer.

June 18

Shownu from Monsta X, the group made their comeback with Fantasia and Monbebe will also be able to celebrate their 28th, 29th birthday in Korean age. Due to his age range, the idol commented that he will focus on the group before thinking about his military service.

Oh My Girl’s Ahrin

The young idol will be just 21 years old, 22 in Korean age. They recently made their comebacl with “Nonstop” and will be performing at KCON 2020.

19th of June

Chanmi of AOA, the idol will celebrate her birthday 24, 25 in Korean age, she has stood out as an actress and singer, currently, she is one of the members who continues within the group.

June 21

Idol Super Junior’s Ryeowook is one of the group’s main vocal lines, making his comeback with KRY on June 8 and celebrating his 33rd, 34th birthday in Korean age.

J.Seph of KARD, the idol will celebrate his 28th birthday, Korean age 29. Recently, he spoke about his military service and it seems he will do it this year.

June 22nd

CNBlue’s Yonghwa, a few months ago concluded his military service, the idol will celebrate his birthday 31, 32 in Korean age for the first time with his fans after being in the military.

June 24

2 PM Nichkhun, the idol will celebrate his 31st birthday in Korean age. He has been noted for his talent for music and acting.

June 27, Sohee, one of the most popular soloists in South Korea, will celebrate her 28th, 29th birthday in Korean age. She belonged to the Wonder Girls group, since then, she has continued her solo career.

June 28th

Girls Generation’s Seohyun will celebrate her 29th, 30th birthday in Korean age, although her group is in hiatus, the idol has stood out for her acting talent, she has also done solo music projects.

CNBlue’s Minhyuk will celebrate 29 years, 30 in Korean age. The idol recently reported on her returned to acting.

B.A.P’s Daehyun, the idol will celebrate 27-year-old, 28-year-old Korean, despite the breakup of his group, he has stood out for his singing talent and performed some solo singles.

June 30th

N of Vixx, the singer will celebrate his birthday number 30, 31 in Korean age. He is currently performing his mandatory military service, so his fans will not be able to celebrate his special day at his side.


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