Idol Radio: A Fun Program To Learn More About Idols


Idol Radio has brought great dynamics and moments for K-Pop fans, have you already seen this show? You will have fun with your favorite idols and get to know them a little more.

If you’re a fan of the K-Pop then definitely you like more than one band and sometimes it is difficult to keep the track of everything that makes your idols favorites, with interviews, photo sessions, programs special; idols always have new activities and content to present to their fans.

And although the contents are not always subtitled, at least in English, many fans outside of South Korea still see them show all their support and love for the members of their favorite band; In addition, there are fan accounts that are responsible for translating everything that is most relevant for us so that we can understand a little more about the participation of our idol favs on television or other content.

But there is some special content made with idols as MCs and that with fun dynamics allows us to know more about all our favorite South Korean artists, do you already know Idol Radio?


Idol Radio is an MBC Radio program, it was created especially for idols, it was launched in 2018; The show has two MCs, sometimes they are from the same K-Pop band and they have other bands as guests on the show where they usually talk for a while and have some dynamics. The invited groups present some of their songs and answer questions, play small games, among other activities that let us see more of the personalities of each idol.

On the show, we can see our idol favs.


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The hosts of Idol Radio have been the following idols:

  • Seo Eun-kwang from BtoB
  • Jung Il-hoon from BtoB
  • Youngjae of Got7
  • Young K by Day6
  • Joohoney of MONSTA X
  • MONSTA X’s Hyungwon


Previously it could be heard on MBC Radio FM in South Korea, on Naver Live, and YouTube; While for this season, which is the second season, it is possible to listen to it on MBC FM 95.9 MHz and can be seen in the Universe app, every Monday and Thursday at 8 PM, Korean time.

Don’t miss out on this fun show and get to know your favorite idols more.


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There is a lot of content that our favorite idols offer us and that is why they always have such a tight schedule, but they do not stop being the best and working very hard.

In other news, surely you have wanted to send a letter to your bias since your love for him was born, because I can tell you that it is possible, you can send letters or gifts to South Korea.