Ideal electric bike must have a seat, luggage rack


Scooters or shared electric bikes would be champions of micromobility if they were not badly designed and, therefore, poorly used: this is the opinion of designers David Liddell and Joshua Maruska, who suggested, in an article for the Fast Company, which would be the perfect scooter . Follow.


Anyone who has used a scooter knows how bad it is to have to ride while standing. In addition to problems that appear (such as back and knee pain), the position facilitates accidents due to precarious balance.

The two designers suggest a vehicle with a larger seat and wheels, “creating more balance between the size of the vehicle and the driver and eliminating the appearance of an adult using a toy”.

Luggage rack

Using a shared scooter is not for people who carry more than one bag (and services discourage users from carrying backpacks, bags or other items, at risk of compromising balance). If your role within urban mobility is to serve anyone, this deficiency eliminates almost everyone who currently occupies sidewalks.

A simple solution, according to David Liddell and Joshua Maruska, would be, in addition to the basket at the back, a bag hook that locks when the race starts. It would only be possible to end the trip after removing the bag from the hook and then hooking the rest.

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