Ida Marie Nielsen happy to be in Dubai with her family!


On her Instagram account, Ida Marie Nielsen, actress of Vikings, seemed delighted to share a family moment in Dubai

Who said that only influencers go to Dubai to have a good time? No doubt Ida Marie Nielsen. Indeed, the Vikings actress is currently in the Emirati city to share good time with her family.

It must be said that the one who plays the role of Margrethe can fully enjoy her time now. Indeed, no offense to some, the Vikings series came to an end a few days ago, offering us a finale already making fans nostalgic.

Besides, why did the series in which Ida Marie Nielsen starred ended when she was a hit? Simply because it was already planned in advance. In any case, this is what the creator of the series suggested:

“I was the one who made the choice that this was going to end. I knew it was going to end with the discovery of America, that’s how it was planned from the start, I didn’t want to cheat on anyone, neither the actors, nor the characters, nor the audience. . It was difficult to finish by killing some of my favorites ”.

Fortunately, a spin-off is in development. Perhaps a new opportunity for fans to reunite with Ida Marie Nielsen?


As of yet, the actress has not spoken on this topic. The beauty probably prefers to have a good time with her loved ones. Given how hard it is to travel these days… No doubt she would rather enjoy these moments than think about her plans.

Because this trip to Dubai seems to do a lot of good for Ida Marie Nielsen. Just look at the snapshot above to realize it. The beautiful, posing with no less than 6 members of her family.

All suggesting that they have real Viking origins. Both the blonde takes precedence over the other hair colors.

We hope that Ida Marie Nielsen will be able to stay in Dubai for a while. History for her to decompress. But also be able to rest before moving on, we hope, with the filming of the spin-off of the series making her known.


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