Icon of Wealth Burberry Designs a Coronavirus Mask


Burberry, one of the popular luxury brands in England, announced that it produces masks. This development, which is a first among luxury brands, may attract other luxury life brands to mask production. Because Burberry’s masks will be sold at a pocket-burning price.

Burberry, one of the largest luxury lifestyle brands in England, started to produce masks that have become an integral part of our lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. Burberry’s masks, which are expected to be released in the coming days, will have pocket fuel prices.

Masks produced by Burberry are designed to be reusable. In addition, the company opted to use a special antimicrobial technology to increase the protective properties of the mask. Other than that, there is nothing that makes these masks unique. Basically, they come up as products with the same features as the masks you can buy today for a maximum of 1 TL.

This is how Burberry masks look

Burberry is not the first company to produce masks. At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the company also produced masks for healthcare workers in the UK. However, the company this time turned the masks into commercial products. By the way, it should be noted that the masks produced by Burberry are the first among luxury lifestyle brands.

It is unknown when masks made by Burberry will be released. The company announced that after starting mask sales, it will transfer 20 percent of the income they will earn from each mask to a fund that works on coronavirus. Anyone who wants to own Burberry-made masks will have to pay $ 118.

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