ICO Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With Video Of The Beginning Of Development


ICO is considered one of the great PS2 classics, but the game didn’t hit the shelves until after a lot of struggle in its development. Now, to celebrate 20 years since the game’s release – which took place on December 6, 2001 – the developers of genDESIGN have released for the first time a video showing the concept of ICO at the beginning of its creation.

The video below would have been made in 1998 for internal use, in order to show team members the concept of character design and animations.

You can see that the video was not created with the intention of being shown to the public, mixing several random CG scenes with varying quality and unedited noises. It’s quite interesting to note the variations in the graphics, because it reminds us that ICO got its development started on the first PlayStation, before it migrated work to be released on the PS2.

The team behind genDESIGN, often called Team ICO precisely because of this game, is responsible for the great classic Shadow of the Colossus and also for The Last Guardian. They are currently working on a new game, as it has already been revealed, but we still don’t have any information on what to expect from this next title from the developers.

It is currently not possible to buy ICO on official Sony platforms on their modern consoles in the traditional way.