iCloud Plus will let you create custom email domains


iCloud Plus has the same features as regular iCloud. However, it is more successful in protecting your personal data with its security enhancements. iCloud Plus has 3 security-focused features. The most notable of these is Private Relay, where all traffic from your device is encrypted through two separate servers on the internet.

This feature makes your data inaccessible and unreadable to anyone, including your internet service provider (ISP) and Apple. A new one is added to these features. This one lets you create a custom email domain.

Customize iCloud Plus custom email domains for you and your family

During Apple’s WWDC21 keynote with iCloud Plus, it announced the ability to set email domains as you wish. Although this feature is currently in beta, the subscription prices of iCloud Plus will not change.

When you start a subscription from the above options, your account is upgraded to iCloud Plus status. In this way, you can benefit from security features such as Private Relay and a customizable e-mail domain name. To take advantage of the customizable email domain, you must sign up for the beta program. Inside that:

Open beta.icloud.com.
Go to iCloud Settings.
Click “Manage” in “Custom Email Domain”.
In the window that appears, choose whether you want to create a domain name for yourself or for your entire family.
Once you’ve decided what your domain is, add an existing email to forward your emails.
Update everything and complete your domain settings.

According to Apple, users can own up to 5 personalized domains. If you created it for your family, you can have up to 3 personalized domains per member.


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