iCloud: Man Pretends To Be A Technician and Steals 620,000 Photos in Search of Nudes


iCloud: A resident of La Puente county, in Los Angeles, USA, pleaded on Tuesday (24) to be guilty of gaining unauthorized access and hacking thousands of Apple iCloud cloud accounts, managing to collect more than 620,000 photos and 9,000 private videos. By posing as an Apple customer support employee, the criminal got the login information to steal pictures of nude women, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to testimony from federal authorities, court documents and an FBI investigation, 40-year-old Hao Kuo Chi, who went by the code name David, admitted in court that he was posing as an Apple customer support representative, emailing victims of your blows. Images were stored in his Dropbox account, labeled “win” if they contained nude scenes.

The investigation revealed that Chi stole the images on demand. After introducing himself on the internet as “iCloudRipper4You”, he received a request to hack into a certain person’s iCloud account and posed as an Apple employee, using the fake emails “applebackupicloud” and “backupagenticloud”.

How was the iCloud attacker discovered?

According to the Los Angeles Times, a court statement by FBI agent Anthony Bossone clarifies that after hacking the iCloud account from which he had a request for images, Chi received payment and responded to the “customer” with a Dropbox link . According to the cybercrime investigator, more than 500 thousand emails sent by the criminal were found, with 4.7 thousand iCloud user IDs and passwords, and images of 306 victims.

The situation only got complicated for Chi in 2018, when he gained access to an unidentified celebrity’s iCloud account, and the images began to be posted on a pornographic website. It didn’t take long for investigators to trace the cloud login to Chi’s house. The next step was to get a search warrant, which was done on May 19th.


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