iCloud crashed? On the agenda with the access problem


Appreciated by many for its ecosystem, security and software stability, Apple has come up with the iCloud hacking scandal in recent years. Some users today had trouble accessing systems such as Apple iCloud, Find My, and Mail Drop.

Apple is on the agenda with iCloud access problem

ICloud, the backup system of Apple users, has come to the fore with the scandalous images of celebrities in recent years. The fact that hackers accessed the accounts of famous people and shared their inappropriate images had a great impact around the world. After the scandalous posts, the company further improved its security system, but many people specifically ended photo backups.

iCloud çöktü mü? Erişim sağlanamıyor

Many users today have not been able to access iCloud accounts for a long time, and the first thing that came to mind was whether there was an attack similar to past scandals.

In addition to features such as Mail, Calendar, Backup, Bookmarks, Keychain in the iCloud system, it was noteworthy that there was an access problem to Find My and Mail Drop systems. Some analysts focus on the possibility of a cyber attack on systems.

It is unknown when the iCloud system, which some users have not been able to access for about 2 hours, will recover. No official statement has been made by Apple yet. It is thought that the trouble experienced by many users in our country is caused by the servers in some locations.


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