Ice Poseidon returns to streaming


In the annals of the history of live broadcasts, the Icy Poseidon plays a key, but gloomy role. Once one of Twitch’s fastest-growing stars and an innovator in creating real-life content, Ice Poseidon has also created a toxic community that is often accused of bigotry and harassment. The same community contributed to the ban of Ice Poseidon on Twitch, since a viewer reported a bomb planted during the flight he was on, and Twitch decided that it could no longer support the community. Ice Poseidon has spent years since jumping between platforms, but now may be ready to return to streaming.

In a post on his Instagram story dated August 17, Ice Poseidon confirmed plans to return to creating content. The controversial influencer has announced that he plans to start by increasing activity on his Instagram story. He hasn’t posted any stories on Instagram since. It’s unclear when he will start increasing his activity, but his new Instagram posts will be devoted to exploring what he “did.” This is the beginning of what Ice Poseidon believes will be the beginning of something bigger.

In addition to posting more frequently on his Instagram story, Ice Poseidon has confirmed that he is returning to streaming. “I’m going back to streaming,” is the exact statement from Ice Poseidon. There is no further information about when he plans to start streaming again, what content he will broadcast or even what platform he will use.

The most likely scenario is that “Ice Poseidon” will be broadcast on YouTube. That’s where most of his latest content is located, besides Instagram and Twitter. However, Ice Poseidon has not been broadcast on YouTube for 10 months, so perhaps the content creator has another platform in mind. However, he doesn’t have many other platforms he could switch to.

For those who are wondering if the Icy Poseidon can return to Twitch, his permanent ban remains in effect. Ice Poseidon previously stated that he had contacted Twitch to find out if it was possible to cancel his ban, but there are no confirmed changes in the plans yet. It is possible that Twitch will change its mind, but that would be surprising, to put it mildly.

“Icy Poseidon” will return to the air after another large-scale dispute. In June 2021, Ice Poseidon was involved in a “pump and dump” cryptocurrency scam, in which he later admitted that he received $500,000 from his fans. It is not yet known whether this will affect the subscribers of the former Twitch streamer when he returns to creating content.


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