Ice Melts Due to Climate Change Reveal Some Secrets of Vikings


Archaeologists have discovered a trade route used by the Vikings centuries ago under the ice melting due to climate change in Norway. Some of the items used at that time were found in the discoveries made.

The Vikings pushed the limits of their imagination, from ancient settlements to travel methods and the psychoactive drugs they produced. Archaeologists have revealed many new secrets about the warrior tribe with their new discoveries.

The researchers discovered a path at the foot of the Lomseggen mountains in Norway, depicting the Vikings’ trade network. The trade route crosses Lendbreen, a glacial region in the Jotunheim Mountains, about 320 kilometers north of Oslo.

Climate change reveals Viking trade route
“The parade was at its peak during the Viking Age, circa 1000 AD, when trade was growing across Scandinavia and Europe.” shows that it is connected. ” says.

Lendbreen rises on a wooded area accessible only by helicopter. However, the warming climate melts the ice that made the region impassable once. Using the method of radiocarbon dating, the researchers revealed that the road’s origins date back to around 300 AD. Trade centers were most likely rising along the Otta River, and the trade route had evolved over the centuries.

The decrease in the use of the Lendbreen road was probably due to economic, climatic factors and medieval pandemics such as the Black Plague. “When the region renewed, things changed and the Lendbreen passage disappeared in memory,” said Lars Pilø, co-author of the study. says.

Covering the road with ice and snow was of great importance in preserving Viking artifacts. With the melting of ice, the Vikings’ gloves, shoes, sleigh parts, knives and many more items along the mountain pass appeared, as well as the bones of the load-bearing horses.

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For archaeologists, the Lendbreen region seems to be a gift from the past, but the melting of ice so quickly due to climate change is also considered alarming.


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