Ice Cream-inspired outfits to copy SELPINK’s style


BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez shone in the Ice Cream video, check out the following tips to copy the best looks of these girls.

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez joined their talents to surprise us with an incredible collaboration that we can’t stop listening to. Although we loved Ice Cream, the song was not the only good thing that this video showed us, since the outfits that these girls wore also stole our hearts.

The girls of the YG Entertainment idol group filmed their scenes away from Selena, but all of them showed facets that we fell in love with on each set.

Pastel colors dominated the pictures we saw on screen, but the outfits of the K-Pop group and the Texas-born singer presented diverse alternatives in terms of styles and colors.

We can’t choose what our favorite outfit is, but since we know you loved them too, we leave you some ideas to recreate the outfits that SELPINK showed for this collaboration.

Tell us which of the different styles these girls wore you liked the most and if you would like to try wearing any of them.


One of our favorite Jisoo outfits was the one he showed wearing a black beret-style cap. To recreate it, you will need a black short, try to be one that is glued so that it looks more like the one she wears. Complement it with a short white or beige blouse, you can experiment with different cuts and also prints. For footwear, do like Jisoo and wear long boots, with or without heels, if you do not have boots like that you can use combat boots and high socks. Accessorize with necklaces, earrings and a chain belt. Of course, you will have to add a cap like the one Jisoo wore.


Look as beautiful as Jennie and copy this look with clothes that you will surely find in your wardrobe. You need a light blue denim skirt, you can use the model that you like the most. Also look for a white crop top with a pattern, we recommend that you have red and blue colors. If you don’t have a crop top, you can wear a normal shirt and redesign it. For accessories you should use a red headband, you can also use a scarf and tie it on your head. You can also add long bangles and earrings to look amazing. Lastly, wear white tennis shoes to accompany your outfit.

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Selena visited a variety of outfits, but our favorites were those that included yellow garments. Copy one of her looks by following these tips. You will need a short yellow dress, it can be with pictures, flowers or ready. Accompany it with some sandals of your choice and a camel crossbody bag. Add accessories like necklaces, sunglasses, and give it an even more special touch with a hair band.


Copy the look that the BLACKPINK girls used in white guiding you with Rosé’s style. You will need a white pleated skirt and a crop top of the same color, if you have one with a print it will also work. Wear simple tennis shoes of this same color. To add color to your outfit, you can use socks in a pastel color and a bomber jacket of the same color.


If you are a fan of the BLACKPINK rapper you will want to copy this look. You need some baggy style jeans, if you do not have some you can opt for a charger style or straight jeans that are a bit loose. Add to your outfit a white crop top with a fun design and some combat boots in the same color. To make your outfit stand out, use accessories in a color that you like, we suggest red, which you can wear in your glasses, belt or bag. Don’t forget to wear eye-catching necklaces and earrings to complement your outfit.


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