iCarly: The show’s biggest fan complaint with the recent revamp


When news broke that an iCarly revival was coming, fans were excited. When news broke that Jennette McCurdy was not joining the after party, fans were bummed. Still, they crossed their fingers to laugh wistfully with the rest of the cast.

And when Miranda Cosgrove remade the iconic moment of hers in season one, fans were beside themselves with anticipation. But then the series came out, they watched a few episodes, and the fans feel somehow. Fans knew, upon entering the new show, that it would not be the same as the original, how could it be? All the stars have grown up, Sam Puckett is MIA, and new characters have been added.

And yet, there was just something missing that fans couldn’t identify. It took a group discussion to come to the conclusion that the problem with the current iCarly series lies with the actors. At least, the execution of each of their roles by the actors. Some fans agreed that the actors seem a bit forced, especially Miranda Cosgrove. Although some suggested it was because Miranda was a bit rusty (she did some acting projects over the years, but she also ran away to attend college), others had a different perception.

Some say that most sitcoms need at least half a season to “warm up” and for the cast to reach its peak. Many fans are assuming that’s the case with the early season woes at iCarly. It could take a while for the cast to get comfortable on set and get back together, fans suggest. But is that the only problem?

Some fans think that actors need a bit of teamwork for the iCarly dream to work. But others say there’s a bigger problem behind all the awkwardness, strained feeling lines, and awkwardness on set: the script. For actors who are simply funny by nature, like Jerry Trainor, the script is almost painful at some points. With a rough script, or one that “isn’t that great in the first place,” finding a rhythm will be more difficult for the iCarly actors than it would be otherwise.

Also, fans say, when she does press interviews, Miranda Cosgrove “feels more like Carly” and yet “on the real show she feels a little more drab.” In general, the cast is much quieter, which has to do with their ages these days, but everyone still ties all the weirdness to the script.