iCarly: Series Revival With Original Cast Gets Debut Date


iCarly: Paramount + finally announced the debut date of the iCarly revival, Nickelodeon’s children’s series starring Miranda Cosgrove. According to information released by The Wrap, the new episodes will be released on June 17, one month after Rugrats’ arrival on the streaming service. In addition, it was also announced that the reboot will have 13 episodes.

With that, the children’s series joins the other productions of the 90s and 2000s that gained revivals during the pandemic. Throughout 2020 and 2021, series like Friends and Crazy in the Piece had their cast meetings, while Gossip Girl had a new season commissioned, bringing other characters to the school where Blair and Serena studied.

Learn more about the iCarly revival

Miranda Cosgrove’s series accompanied Carly, a high school student who presented her own program on the internet. With many references to pop culture, the show aired between 2007 and 2012, on Nickelodeon, and was one of the biggest productions of the children’s channel.

In addition to Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Nathan Kress (Freddie) also return to the cast of the reboot. However, Sam, Carly’s best friend and played by Jennette McCurdy, will not be present in the new episodes. After all, the actress has already announced in an episode of her podcast that she is in a transition phase in her career and intends to take a break.

McCurdy went so far as to reprise his role as Sam in the Sam & Cat spin-off, alongside Ariana Grande. However, the series had only one season.

With that, new names have already been announced for the iCarly revival. Laci Mosley, of the Florida Girls, will be Carly’s roommate Harper. Meanwhile, The Affair’s Jaidyn Triplett will play Millicent, an expert on social media.

The revival will be made available exclusively on Paramout +, a streaming service recently launched in Brazil. The monthly subscription costs R $ 19.90.

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