iCarly: Actress Tells When It Will Be Talked About Sam’s Missing In Revival


iCarly Revival trailer came out recently showing fans what to expect from the upcoming Paramount+ series and we had the opportunity to see some of our favorite characters together again. However, unfortunately, not all characters have returned for the revival, Sam Puckett played by Jennette McCurdy will not be part of the team this time around. According to ComicBook.com, Miranda Cosgrove revealed in an interview that Sam’s absence will be addressed from the first episode of the series.

Miranda, the protagonist of iCarly, said that everyone wanted Jennette to come back, but that she is doing other things at the moment.

Check out the full trailer for iCarly Revival:

McCurdy also talked about retiring from acting a few years ago and explained that acting has always been difficult for her. “I stopped a few years ago because I initially didn’t want to do it. My mom put me on it when I was 6 and because of age, I think, 10 or 11, I was the main financial support for my family. a lot of money and that was the output, which I really think was helpful in leading me to some degree of success.” McCurdy said in the interview with ComicBook.com.

The actress also points out that she has always struggled with acting, “Once I started getting my nerves under control that’s when I started to really get a little traction, but I ended up giving up after my mom passed away.”

The first three episodes of the special will be available to the public on June 17th on Paramount+, with new episodes being released weekly after the premiere.

What was iCarly?

iCarly was a series broadcast on Nickelodeon with seven seasons, standing out as a great success. Throughout the narrative, the audience followed the adventures of Carly Shay and her friends who developed a webshow.


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