Ibrahimovic revolutionizes Spanish football with a three-second video


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a sensational footballer and, still, a major media attraction. The Swede, accustomed to dazzle on the pitch, knows perfectly how to attract the spotlights out of it. A sweeping personality, eccentric behaviors and some mischievous statement that another, knows how to stay in the lampstand like nobody else.

He has even achieved it in the United States. Frequent golden retreat for world soccer stars, the former Juventus or PSG, among others, has managed to remain relevant during his stay in the Los Angeles Galaxy. 53 goals in 58 games, some of them with a beautiful bill, together with his perennial rockstar attitude have allowed Europe not to forget him.


And Ibrahimovic has not forgotten Europe either. And, more specifically from Spain. Now, with his contract with the Galaxy about to expire, and once eliminated from the Western Conference semifinal competition at the hands of Los Angeles FC, the local rival, the Swede has revolutionized the networks with a three-second video.

“Hello Spain. Do you know something? I’m back”. True to his unique style, the Swede dropped the bombshell and then the football Internet exploded. Because, although it may be an advertising maneuver nothing concerning his professional future, the signing of Ibracadabra, even at 38, is perceived as something important. Although his best years have passed, he is still a star.

In Spain, it also has pending issues. Within a glittering race, his time at La Liga, and more specifically at the Barcelona Football Club, is perceived as a small failure. At the time, he reached the most powerful team of the old continent and, although he raised a League, he never became truly important in that team, clashing with Guardiola personally and abandoning the Barça discipline after only one season.

Ibrahimovic has spoken and, as usual, the world of football has become convulsed. His name is trending topic on Twitter, not only in Spain, and rumors and speculation about his future have been unleashed. Even close to its withdrawal, Zlatan is still a big shot.


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