Ibrahimovic has already chosen Milan for his future


Where will Zlatan Ibrahimovic play from 2020? It is still a mystery, although the striker already has a favorite destination: Milan. At least, that follows after his last statements that carry a clear message of intent.

“Milan is not my second city, it is my second home, I carry Milan in my heart. I have wonderful memories of the city and the people, ”said the striker at La Gazzetta dello Sport. He added: “I’m looking for a project that stimulates me.”

The Swede also confirmed that he started talks with the Italian institution, but there is still no agreement for economic differences: the player wants more money than the club could offer.

“We will need new contacts,” the former Barcelona explained, still being optimistic with a favorable solution. “If there is a project that stimulates me, I can be at my level until I am 50 years old. I just finished the experience in Los Angeles. It was fantastic”.


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