IBM Will Suspend Payments For Employees Who Do Not Get Vaccinated


IBM employees in the United States who have not completed the covid-19 vaccination by December 8 will not be able to work and will have their payments suspended. The alert was given by the tech giant in a memo sent to contributors this week.

As reported by CNBC on Thursday (7), the company has informed workers that it must comply with US President Joe Biden’s immunization requirements. Last month, he mandated the complete vaccination of all federal public employees and private companies with more than 100 employees.

A service provider for the federal administration, she was forced to comply with the order. “Given this requirement, the policies of many of our customers and partners, and the easy access to vaccines across the country, we will now require all IBM employees in the US to be fully vaccinated by December 8th,” the company explained. .

In the document, big tech informs that whoever refuses immunization against the new coronavirus will be suspended from work as of the deadline, in addition to being without salary. After completing the vaccination schedule (one or two doses, depending on the formula), employees will be able to return to their activities and receive their salary.

Dismissal for lack of vaccine

While IBM has opted for unpaid suspension of unvaccinated workers, other companies have been even stricter with those who refuse to receive the covid-19 immunizer. This is the case with United Airlines.

In early August, the airline required all its employees in the US to be vaccinated to continue working. In case of refusal, the contractors would be dismissed, except in situations where the immunization did not take place due to medical or religious issues.

As a result of the company’s new policy, nearly 600 United Airlines employees will be fired for not getting vaccinated.


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