IBM Talk’n’labs: technology trends at a free technical event


The world has undergone major technological changes, and 2020 has made that even more evident. The increasing adherence to remote work, added to the challenges already known and which always required quick adjustments and with the minimum of possible failures, made all sectors need to adapt, but the greatest demand “fell into the lap” of the technology area.

If you are a professional in technical careers, you probably feel the impacts that rapid changes have brought to the sector. Therefore, keeping up to date on the main technological trends is the best way to keep up with market needs. And nothing better than a free and online event to stay on top of the knowledge needed to thrive in such a challenging time.

IBM Talk’n’labs: technology event in 2021

IBM Talk’n’labs has, edition after edition, consolidating itself as the official and indispensable meeting of IBM for leaders and professionals in the areas of technology. It is the perfect opportunity to delve into the latest in the market and share the experiences of technicians and specialists.

This is the fourth edition of the event, taking place between March 16 and 17, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. This time, IBM Talk’n’labs will be divided into two tracks.

Track 1: cloud computing

The first day of the event (16) will focus on cloud computing technologies, such as hybrid cloud, kubernetes, serverless, infrastructure and public cloud.

Check the agenda:

09h: Opening
09h20: How to build your cloud applications in multiple availability zones
10h: Security and monitoring in Kubernetes clusters, log management, cost and performance optimization: the accelerators that will boost your infrastructure
10:40 am: How can I modernize my infrastructure using hybrid multi-cloud technologies and DevOps?
11:20 am: How to manage native cloud apps and combine information with telemetry from legacy apps
12h: Code Engine: the serverless of the future

Track 2: machine learning and AI

The second day of the event (17) will focus on data and artificial intelligence, addressing issues such as machine learning, automation, Internet of Things (IoT), data governance, among others.

Check the agenda:

09h: Opening
9:20 am: My machine learning model is ready. And now what do I do?
10h: The impact of RPA and hyperautomation
10:40 am: Culture of enchantment: how Magalu humanizes service communication in conversational interfaces
11:20 am: How to leverage risk management with cognitive assistants
12h: Advances in auto AI with computer vision

Interactive and networking event

IBM Talk’n’labs will be completely online and live and will feature various forms of interactivity, such as gamification and badges to be achieved. The broadcast will be recorded for those who are unable to follow in real time or want to review.

It is worth mentioning that it is a great opportunity to exercise networking. As several technology professionals will be participating, it will be possible to make good contacts and share trends that can pave the way for digital transformation.

The invitation is clear: participate, make contacts and ask all your questions !


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