IBM launches supercomputers against outbreak


IBM said on Sunday that they will make high-performance computers available for researchers trying to address a corona virus (covid-19) outbreak. Cooperating with the White House Science and Technology Department and Technology Department, the company established the Covid-19 High Performance IT Consortium.

High performance computers to speed up research
The project, which IBM started working in the past few weeks, aims to speed up and facilitate corona virus researches of the technology called supercomputing.

“How can we find new treatments? Or vaccines or remedies? In order to find answers to these important questions, we will activate the power of computers. ” He made a statement in the form.

Other famous technology companies also supported this project. The system will include 16 supercomputers from Amazon, IBM national laboratories, various universities, Google, Microsoft and other places.

The system to be used will be opened to remote access for research projects approved by consortium leaders. Research proposals were sent through an online platform on Sunday.

These computers can perform calculations and experiments that can last for months when done with ordinary computers in a short time.


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