IBM Has A New Patent Based On Blockchain


Famous tech firm IBM has received a new patent involving a consensus model linked to blockchain technology. The patent contains details that can enable operations in multiplayer games with a large user base.

Computer technologies giant IBM obtained a blockchain-based patent last week. The patent is called the “game consensus protocol for blockchain” and consists of a protocol that gives clues to the recording of transactions in multiplayer games.

Patent obtained by IBM includes a blockchain-centric consensus model

According to what is written in the details of the patent, the patent puts the users in the game into a verifier profile. In any game, a subset of users is validating transactions. Then a block is created from the cluster through a leader selected from this subset and added to the blockchain network.

Since securing and verifying transactions involves the labor of users, users who belong to subsets may also be offered a fee in return. In addition, since the patent itself is based on the realization of operations in multiplayer games, this patent can be integrated into even famous games in this field in the future. In this way, it will not be a surprise that blockchain technology is widely recognized.

In addition, it is noted in the patent that smart contracts will remain within the blockchain network. These contracts can only be transferred by users with sufficient computing power.

Patent move from Ripple

Ripple Labs, the name likely to come to mind among the companies that offer blockchain solutions, has also filed a patent application recently and aroused curiosity in the industry. Ripple filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office on November 6 and sought a patent for a trademark called PayString.

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Although it is not yet known which technology Ripple will be used to spread the brand applied for, it was determined that the patent was classified under categories such as “Advertising and Trade” and “Insurance and Finance”.


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