IBM Doubles Quantum Computing Power Again


The development of quantum computers will be one of the most important breaking moments in human history. Like many companies, IBM is working on this and is able to make significant progress.

At CES 2020, IBM announced the launch of 28 qubit quantum computers, Raleigh. With this development, the company also achieved its goal of doubling Quantum Volume. Raleigh increased its Quantum Volume from 16 last year to 32 this year. To achieve this goal in Raleigh, IBM utilized the advanced hexagonal mesh structure developed on IBM’s 53 qubit quantum computer.

IBM has been progressing by doubling Quantum Volume since 2017. First, 4 Quantum Volume 5 qubit computer Tenerite was announced. In 2018 Tokyo with 20 qubit, 8 Quantum Volumes; Last year, Johannesburg was announced with 20 qubit and 16 quantum volumes. Increasing Quantum Volume is crucial for both IBM and the quantum computing industry.

Quantum Volume
Quantum Volume is a full-system quantum computing performance measure developed by IBM researchers in 2017. It generates numerical values ​​just like the newly announced 32 Quantum Volumes. So the higher the number, the stronger the quantum computer.

Quantum Volume; It takes into account the technical factors such as how long the qubit can remain in a quantum state, errors during hardware calibration, interference, gate suitability and other suitability measures. It also evaluates the number and connectivity of qubits.

The greatest plus of Quantum Volume is its independent architecture. This means that it can be used by any quantum circuit-based computer. Probably many circuit-based quantum computer companies are using Quantum Volume on their computers. Some companies, such as Rigetti, shared the results, while many others chose to remain silent.

Achieving the Quantum Advantage
Quantum Volume also plays a critical role in the ongoing research and development needed to make larger and better quantum computers necessary to achieve the quantum advantage. According to IBM Vice President Bob Sutor, progressing by doubling quantum volume every year is essential to achieving the Quantum Advantage over the next decade.

Quantum Advantage; quantum computers have a computational field and speed over conventional computers. To put it more simply, it is the case that the problems that classical computers can solve for very long periods of time can be solved by quantum computers in a very short time.


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