I Will Send Nude Photos to Biden Voters in the Elections


US YouTuber Tana Mongeau, with approximately 5.5 million subscribers, launched an interesting campaign for the upcoming presidential election. YouTuber, who said that Donald Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, would send his naked photo to his followers who proved that he voted for Joe Biden, suddenly sat on the agenda of the country.

The number one item on the US agenda is the presidential elections on November 3 right now. As a rival to current President Donald Trump, Joe Biden enjoys serious support in certain parts of the USA. Moreover, some popular names of the country invite the public to vote. However, there is such a name in the USA that it has started to be talked about as much as the presidential elections. This name is the famous YouTuber Tana Mongeau with millions of subscribers.

Mongeau is among the names that do not like Donald Trump. We can clearly see this with his posts on his social media accounts. However, the famous YouTuber has made these choices so big that he made an offer that many of his followers could not refuse. Mongeau managed to stir things up by announcing that he would send his naked photo free of charge to his followers who proved that he voted for Biden with a post he made on his social media account.

“Prove that you voted for Biden, I’ll give you my nude photo”

Mongeau has approximately 5.5 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. On Twitter, the internet phenomenon, which has around 2.5 million followers, has mobilized its fans. Because Mongeau says he received around 100 thousand messages after this offer.

The famous YouTuber probably started such a campaign just because it supports Biden. However, such an election campaign has almost divided the country in two. Because some argue that this does not pose a problem, while others claim that what Mongeau did is a crime. For example, according to the statements made by the Cornell University Law School, “anyone who spends or proposes to vote or vote or vote against any candidate or any candidate” may be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 2 years in addition to fines. .

YouTube took action on this campaign

The phenomenon, which started an interesting campaign for the November 3 elections, did not escape the attention of YouTube officials. Reviews made shortly after the announcements showed that Mongeau’s YouTube verification badge was removed. However, in our recent checks, we see that the phenomenon’s Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts have all been confirmed.

It is not known where the YouTuber’s campaign will reach, but in the USA, where the state system is applied according to local sources, election laws work a little differently. In this context, sources claiming that it is legal for 21 states to take photos with ballots, state that such a thing is illegal for at least 16 states. It seems that the US will continue to speak the name Tana Mongeau for a while.


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