“I Will Always Love” feature came from Spotify


Spotify manages to attract attention especially with its playlists. Now it has launched a new feature called My Forever Favorites. Unlike other features, this feature is offered for both paying and non-paying users. What exactly does Spotify Love for You?

Spotify My Always Love feature is linked to playlists

This feature basically allows users to create a playlist containing their five favorite songs or podcast streams. Users can share these lists they have created if they wish. Spotify, which stands out a few steps with the playlists created, again comes across users at the point of playlists.

In addition, Lucy Hale’s list includes names such as Etta James, Zoe Wees, Elvis Presley and Elton John.

The best part of the mentioned feature is that it is offered together with both users using Spotify for free and those who receive paid subscriptions. Creating the list is easy.

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