“I Was There” — Leila Fernandez Recalls Her First Lady Gaga Concert and “Wednesday” Binge-Watch Before The US Open


It’s no secret that talent flows in the veins of the legend of modern pop music Lady Gaga. The dynamic singer is often known for bringing drama to the stage during her performance. But pop stars love everything she does because they are fascinated by her phenomenal voice and quirky style. The American singer never ceases to amaze people with her musical inventions and leaves them delighted with live performances. Meanwhile, it turns out that the charm of the Oscar winner has not left anyone indifferent, even in the sports world. Famous tennis player Leila Fernandez recently recalled her first pop concert and recent Netflix views.

Leila Fernandez took part in the US Open again this year, but before heading into this high-profile campaign in Miami against Lesia Tsurenko, she shared some details about what she does in her free time. According to the well-known Tennis sports website, the former US Open finalist recently watched a popular show on Wednesday. The series instantly attracted the attention of a Canadian tennis player, and she watched it enthusiastically. Moreover, the superstar also stopped at the bottom when she went to watch Lady Gaga’s live performance.


She stated that it was one of the best moments in her life when she first heard the Grammy winner from her playlist. Also, the 20-year-old girl praised the musician for his incredible voice. “I spent a good two hours there, and we were waiting for the rain to subside due to a strong storm,” she said. Unfortunately, fans couldn’t hear the last singer because it started raining and the show was canceled.

Remember how Lady Gaga blew up the internet with her dance moves on Wednesdays
We all know how people went crazy online after seeing Jenna Ortega’s silly moves on a Netflix show. Thousands of fans posted a video of their dance to Lady Gaga’s hit Bloody Mary. Seeing this trend flooding the Internet, the singer herself danced to the melodies.

The Gucci House star shared her video on TikTok doing exactly the same movements, and people were amazed by her unflappable avatar. This game has gained millions of views and many retweets.

Have you made a remake of this popular dance scene? Did you like Gaga’s version of Wednesday’s dance? Share it with us in the comments.


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