“I was becoming” — Remember How Millie Bobby Brown Voiced How Sexism Affects Female Actors in The Television World.


Millie Bobby Brown is not only a talented actress, but also a defender of women’s rights. Fans have probably noticed that feminism is always present in her actions and words. Since the British woman began acting at a young age, she was constantly pinned for her independent choice. Despite this, this talented superstar has never held back from talking about her mind and heart. She has always said that the industry has created impossible standards for young women. Remember when she spoke out against sexism affecting female actors in the television world?

 The star of the TV series “Stranger Things” considered feminism the key to empowering women in the industry. That’s why she chooses roles that correctly represent female characters.

Millie Bobby Brown once touched on the issue of sexism

Back in May 2022, Millie Bobby Brown spoke honestly about how sexism makes women feel uncomfortable in the entertainment world. In a cover interview with Vogue, the actress said that she suddenly began to experience sexism around her. In detailing his opinion, Brown mentioned: “And I was really aware of it and was really blown away by it.” She wondered why the actress hesitates to work or why the journalist pays more attention to her clothes than to the game.

 The Godzilla star has committed to finding a way to change these situations for women. She read books about feminism so that female actresses could be recognized for their work and enjoy all the privileges that men receive in the industry.

The young superstar criticized the media for her sexualization

You probably remember Millie Bobby Brown appearing on the Guilty Feminist podcast last year. In a conversation with the presenter, she talked about how the press and social media users are targeting her. She openly raised the issue of how people started sexualizing her when she turned 18 and questioned her choice of clothes.

Brown mentioned that many young girls like her are victims of gender discrimination. And she knows about it, because she has been subjected to such a reaction all her life.

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