I want to get the AI Horror Game version of Art Director NINE immediately


Rob Sheridan, former art director of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, is currently conducting an experiment with fiction on social networks called VIIR (an abbreviation of the Volstof Institute for Interdiversive Research). a horror game similar to Control. Remedy’s Control is already a great action–horror movie, riddled with Lynch’s oddities, with intriguing and surreal knowledge and paranormal themes. But the VIIR video game has the potential to provide game fans with a new experience containing much of the same appeal in its setting, structure and overall premise, which deviates from the action and is completely immersed in the inner cosmic horror.

The similarities between VIIR and a paranormal mystery game like Control are largely due to its plot moves. Control makes the player the director of a secret organization that explores the supernatural and the interdimensional and stores objects that possess these qualities. Similarly, VIIR, in its own universe, is run by a group that shares the lost research that a fictional physicist named Florian Wolstof conducted on a supposed “wound” in spacetime at the institution from which the story takes its name. Most of the plot moves are images of objects affected by something on the other side of this wound, or other effects caused by Wolstof’s experiments.

These images posted on VIIR’s Twitter account are the star of the show, turning it into a truly unique horror project that has something to offer other games with paranormal research themes, such as Control and the beloved indie game SCP Containment Breach. , are not covered in the same way. The Animal Crossing player has added new AI-generated villagers to his game, and many enjoy challenging AI applications by creating new characters or concepts. The art created by AI is becoming less and less new as more and more tools are being developed for it, but Sheridan’s personal method of encouraging AI MidJourney to generate images for a vision of history in which the technological is mixed with terrible organicity is unique and memorable. VIIR’s art provides an excellent balance between unpredictability and the supernatural and cohesion and focus as a single collection shrouded in fleshy tendrils and deformed skull-like structures.

Hypothetical game VIIR: Remedy’s Control meets what?

It’s easy to imagine a VIIR video game in which the player acts as a member of a group, in which the story creates a Twitter account, visiting what they think may be the site of Wolstof’s destroyed laboratory to prove that his research took place. There would be enough opportunities to create a game like Silent Hill with its quiet, depressing and exploratory horror filled with creepy discoveries. The player character can arm themselves with several photos and files found at the Wolstoff Institute to collect more while exploring the remains of a dilapidated facility, and see how surreal, frightening VIIR images come to life when they collide and activate dilapidated gear filled with otherworldly flesh and bones.

Artifacts B1.C4.R62.X (1977). Volstof’s notes:

Alternatively, the player’s character can evoke memories of the institute’s active days, when he collects information and gradually puts together its destruction. This approach is reminiscent of the cult classic, which many remember as one of the best games for the Nintendo GameCube. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is another cosmic horror work dedicated to distorted space–time and past conspiracies, a well-remembered cult classic that could be an ideal basis for VIIR.

But, of course, no matter how it looked in the end, the game VIIR would not be Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness, or even Control. VIIR is a separate thing, and it doesn’t need adaptation to earn recognition. But just as Sheridan’s work with the art of artificial intelligence makes followers wonder where his images and storyline will go next, it will certainly encourage some to think about what further enjoyment of the setting in a practical format such as a game might be like.


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