“I want to be honest” — Global Star Lil Nas X Once Chose His Side in The Famous Debate Between Kanye West and Drake, and The Answer Is Shocking


Lil Nas X is one of the few musicians in the industry whose path to fame was rapid. The singer from Montero instantly gained popularity by releasing his country rap single Old Town Road. His first song went very viral on the internet, earning him over ten million certified copies in streaming and sales in 2019. The Georgia star also became a diamond-certified singer the same year after graduation.


The success of his debut single opened doors of opportunity for the rapper, and soon he became the most nominated male artist at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. In addition, he is the only black LGBT artist in history to receive a Country Music Association award. Not to mention that he was even lucky enough to work with Ye on the hit Industrial Baby. Even he once chose his side in the famous debate between Kanye West and Drake.

Lil Nas X Once Chose the Best performer between Kanye West and Drake

Last year, Lil Nas X met with Power Middays host Brihana to ask some quick questions. At the session, he was asked to choose the best artist between the scandalous King and the RIAA-certified Drake.

In her response , the young superstar expressed her honest opinion and said: “I want to be honest. …I feel Kanye is a more creative artist.”

He continued that he listens more to the singer “Save Me Later”, but still chose the singer “Thank God”. The rapper hesitated to answer, as he admires both artists, and they are both incredible. Although there is no doubt that the singer deeply admires Ye and mentioned in his interviews that working with West was a dream come true for him.

Meanwhile, in recent years, the Grammy winner, like his idol West, got into controversy. After he declared himself gay, he became a target for people and other celebrities. In addition to the list, Lil Nas X recently announced that he has a son whom he will no longer hide from the world. Although the photo he shared on social media was of his nephew, which confused fans.

Who is your favorite? Kanye West, Drake or Lil Nas X? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.


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