“I tore my pants” — Hugh Jackman Tells Stephen Colbert About The Losses That “Deadpool 3” Takes on.


Iconic Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has been teasing Ryan Reynolds ever since his return was announced. In fact, he launched a campaign against his nemesis, telling fans via social media that “Deadpool 3” is all about him. The Australian actor hilariously suggests different titles that focus more on Wolverine than Deadpool.

On the other hand, he has big plans to give his all in the film, which he has been promoting for several months. Last week, the Grammy winner told Chris Wallace about his fitness program, which he needs for the film. Now he’s back again to give fans a few hints, talking about what price Deadpool 3 is taking on in his life.

Hugh Jackman has Wardrobe Issues as He gains Weight for “Deadpool 3”

Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman revealed that he has returned to his famous Wolverine diet and workouts. The 54-year-old star plays this legendary character for the tenth time, but for the first time in Deadpool. That’s why he has already started lifting weights to achieve this adamantium form.

However, his fitness program is becoming problematic for his colleagues in the film “The Musical Man” and costume designers. Because his very muscular body doesn’t fit into Broadway outfits.

“So I ate 4,500 calories a day… and I feel sorry for the audience in the front row, I feel sorry for my cast, I feel sorry for my wife, it was ugly. I tore my pants three times,” Jackman told the host.

Moreover, the Oscar nominee also stated that his daily diet goal is 6,000 calories. But to balance the situation, he now consumes a little less to dance. Well, it looks like the actor may need an extra pair of pants in the coming months when he fully transforms into Logan.

And in case you don’t know, Hugh Jackman has never used steroids to build muscle. The actor likes to do it the old-fashioned way, as he believes that such things can have a bad effect on health.

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