I thought the books were more useful than e-books


What do tortillas, mobiles, coffee and computers have in common? That divide people. Every day tremendous dialectical battles are fought that seek to answer what is better, with onion or without onion, iOS or Android, with sugar or without sugar, with MacOS or Windows … Well, exactly the same thing happens with reading.

In this world there are two types of people: those who prefer to read a physical book and those who would not exchange their eReader for anything in the world. I was one of the first to die, until I bought an eReader and suddenly everything changed.

Two years ago he was an unconditional fan of physical books. That taste for turning the pages, that smell of a new book, that volume of 600 pages printed on both sides full of knowledge (or stories), that “I sit on the couch and read a little while”, that collection of my favorite sagas decorating the bookshelf … I loved it, but I’m going to be honest, today they seem like minutiae compared to the comfort that an e-book reader gives.

The idea of ​​buying an eReader, a Kindle Paperwhite (139.99 euros) in my case, came up on any given night while reading in bed. I usually read almost every night and I realized that, after a while, my arms got tired of holding the book, especially when they were longer titles on the account. In the last months he has given me for the essays on physics and philosophy and, finally, the books are quite generous. If I read face up, my arms got tired; If he read on his side, he couldn’t turn the pages well, so in the end he was tired of finding the ideal position to read lying on the bed.

To this we must add that, with the passage of time, the shelf became more and more full. There came a point when I had no room to keep putting books away. And you see, I am not a person who sells them or gives them away. I like to have them always at hand because, for H or for B, I always end up going back to them to refresh some concept, find ideas for articles or simply re-read them. There are books that I have read two or three times, like the last one by Stephen Hawking, which is a book that I never tire of recommending.

So, having seen it, I decided to give the eReader the opportunity. At first I was a little reluctant because I thought “Pf, after all the day in front of a screen, now even to read I’m going to have to look at a screen”, but after time I have discovered that, saving that detail, reading in a eReader are almost all advantages. My three arguments are as follows.

The first is space. An eReader allows you to carry zillions of books on a single device. They do not take up space, they do not weigh, they do not fill shelves, they do not pick up dust, they do not fall, the pages do not turn yellow or deteriorate and it is not necessary to carry three kilos of books when you travel. Everything is stored in the memory of the eReader, which with 8 GB gives for about 6,000 books, in a pot that measures 116 x 167 x 8.2 millimeters and weighs 180 grams. In the image above you can see my shelf after the purchase of the eReader. There are only a few comics, and we’ll be back to them now.

The second is comfort and versatility. Reading in an eReader is comfortable, especially when you have a screen with a good pixel density. The Kindle Paperwhite is 300 dpi, which is the most currently shipped (not just on Kindle, but other brands as well). You want to read? You open your eReader, select your book and read. Point. You don’t have to take it out of the bag, find the page marked on the corner and hold it with both hands. It is a light, hand-held pot that you can carry in any backpack or bag and allows you to go from one book to another in seconds. If before I had to carry two or three books when I went on vacation, now I take the eReader and I always have 300 on hand.

And speaking of having many books, we come to the third argument: the price. As a general rule, and although there are exceptions, eBooks are cheaper than physical books (or even free). There are some that are worth half or less, and you see, that for someone who reads often is a hoot. I have left more money in books than I could admit in public and, since I have the eReader, I buy the same amount of books, but they cost me less. Depending on the eReader, you have to look for some formats or others, so it is always good to have Caliber software nearby, which is a fantasy to convert formats and have the library organized.

But we said that almost everything is advantages, and that is that for me there are two things that I still need to make the experience fantastic: better performance and color screens. I love reading comics and most of which m


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