“I think he would have liked it, but …” — Julia Fox Made Shocking Revelations About Her Affair With Kanye West.


If there’s one celebrity who always makes headlines, it’s Kanye West. In addition to being one of the most influential artists of our generation, West is also a very ambiguous figure. Over the past few months, the rapper has flooded the Internet with his disputes and feuds. Because of the drama that surrounds West, it seems that the media can’t get enough of the news that comes from him.


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 Apart from the disagreements, West’s relationship has also been a very hot topic, especially after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. As we all know, the Heartless singer was spotted with Julia Fox shortly after he broke up with Kim. And the star of “Uncut Jewels” recently appeared in an interview in which she told a few words about her “affair” with West.

Julia Fox on her brief affair with Kanye West

Julia Fox, as we all know, is a very popular actress who has starred in several popular films. However, a lesser-known fact about Fox is that the actress previously worked as a mistress in the past. And recently, Fox appeared on the program “Watch what Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.

The actress talked about many topics, including her affair with Kanye West. Interestingly, host Andy Cohen, without hesitation, asked the actress if she was Mrs. Kanye while she was with him. Fox replied: “I think he would have liked it, but it never came to that. It was like we were together for literally a minute.”

The answer shocked Andy, as the host asked Fox if Kanye really didn’t know her full name. Then the actor of “Uncut Jewels” said that she has a middle name. Interestingly, two virtual fans even asked Fox if she had met Kim Kardashian. The star of No Sudden Move said that she was in the same room with Kim, but never talked to her. Moreover, Fox even added that she had not spoken to Kanye for almost a year.

However, Fox is not the only one who has lost touch with the rapper. Recently, there have been rumors about Kanye’s disappearance. Where do you think the rapper is? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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