I Purple You, the legendary phrase of V turns 4


ARMY celebrates the 4th anniversary of “I Purple You”, V’s iconic phrase that has a very special meaning. Ahead of their new comeback with the album “BE,” K-pop group BigHit has a very special date on the calendar to celebrate. For a couple of years, the boys started with an album trilogy that talks about self-love and the vulnerability of their emotions, creating a unique connection with ARMY, with whom they share a very emotional motto that was created by Taehyung.

4 years ago, BTS held their famous fan meeting called “Muster”, on November 13, 2016 the K-pop group appeared on stage to share new moments and performances with ARMY, but the day was marked in their history thanks to the message de V, who inspired by the official Bangtan color and the relationship they have with their fans, gave them a very special phrase.

As a promise of undying love, the “Singularity” star described the feelings she has for ARMY as a way to trust and love each other, beyond being a fan of their music, V and ARMY have a bond that no one else could. understand, even “I purple You” was registered as a dictionary term on the Naver portal due to its importance.

“Do you know what purple means? It is the last color of the rainbow, it means that I will trust you and love you for a long time” I Purple You. V


V described the color purple as the last of the rainbow, as he considers it to be a metaphor for time and he will love his fans for a long time, since then it has become a way of saying “I love you”, as if it were his own. language between BTS and ARMY, as they have dedicated it to the idol, the group and have created various projects around the color purple, which represents BTS.

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“I Purple You” is more than a color for both, it is a simple way of describing the admiration, trust and bond they share. Beyond a commercial brand, it is a motto that embodies the message of love of the K group -pop towards his fans, so it is even more emotional when the ARMY Bombs light up in that color to create an ocean of purple stars at BTS concerts.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary, the fans shared various messages through social networks, with videos of Taehyung saying the phrase, the idol’s edits and thanked him for having a new meaning and doing more than just a color for them, because when they saw him They remember that they have someone who makes them happy and in whom they can take refuge when they have bad times, because BTS’s music is part of their life.


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