“I met LeBron… not only…” — How Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Close to LeBron James


Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most famous people in the world today. We are familiar with the legacy that the Austrian oak has left in the bodybuilding world and Hollywood. On the other side of the spectrum, we have another great athlete, LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers star is one of the most popular athletes who have made a cult career in basketball. In addition, it may surprise you that James and Schwarzenegger have a great relationship. Although many of us may assume that the duo got together thanks to their sporting past, the real reason why Schwarzenegger got close to King James is much more interesting.

Over the years, we have repeatedly witnessed intersections between different athletes from different sports. However, the bond that Schwarzenegger and King James share goes far beyond the world of sports. As amazing as it may sound, the duo brought together a common vision of charity.

Back in 2022, the “Kindergarten Cop” star told how the duo got along so well. In a conversation with PEOPLE , Schwarzenegger said: “I recognized LeBron… not only the one you see on TV when he plays the game… but also the character of this guy.” In addition, Schwarzenegger added that he is also a fan of LeBron’s game. The “Terminator” star also added: “LeBron suddenly started coming to our fundraisers,” referring to how the duo’s collaboration began.


Many of you may not know, but Schwarzenegger started fundraising back in 2003. The charity organization After School All Stars is working to improve academic and sports programs. It is mainly aimed at young people from disadvantaged families. Interestingly, in addition to a common view of charity, James and Schwarzenegger have similar business interests.

A return to the time when LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger owned a sports nutrition brand.

Earlier, James and Schwarzenegger teamed up to found a sports nutrition company Ladder in 2018. The main goal of the brand was to provide athletes with food products to minimize seizures. Interestingly, this idea first occurred to James after he had a severe cramp during one of the matches.

While attending one of Schwarzenegger’s fundraising events, James talked to the Terminator star. The duo started talking about dietary supplements and eventually founded their brand. However, not so long ago, the duo sold their brand to the well-known technological fitness platform OpenFit.

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