“I love you”: Britney Spears’ mother apologizes!


Lynn Spears addresses her daughter Britney Spears (40)! Since the singer was freed from the 13-year custody of her father Jamie, she has lashed out at her family. Among other things, she accuses her of only exploiting her and now abandoning her. Her mother’s not doing well either. Lynn publicly apologized to Britney.

“I’m so sorry for your pain! In it, the musician again accused her family that there was no fault in her situation, and said that sincere apologies would help her. “Britney, deep down you know how much I love you and miss you! I’m sorry for everything that hurt you,” Lynn added. She also asked Britney to “unblock” her so they could talk in person.

A source confirmed to Page Six that Lynn has been desperately trying to contact Britney for a long time. She feels “helpless” because she cannot contact her daughter by phone. Therefore, the 67-year-old man has no other choice but to use social networks.


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