I Love It For You: Vanessa Bayer’s 10 Best Roles


Throughout her career, Vanessa Bayer has demonstrated that she has a unique comedic gift. Often playing characters who are more than a little clumsy — and often filled with almost insane energy — she also manages to uncover some of the deeper emotions these characters carry. This certainly applies to her latest work, “I Love This for You,” in which she plays a woman who lied about her cancer to keep her job.

Her new role is undoubtedly unforgettable, but before “I Love This for You” she had a long and impressive resume. Thus, it is worth looking back at the numerous other roles she has played over the years.

Christmas Party at the Office (2016) – 5,8; Currently not broadcast

As the name suggests, the movie “Christmas Party at the Office” tells about jokes that take place during a Christmas party at the office. It’s a kind of comedy that largely depends on the chemistry between various actors, including Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Munn. In the film, Bayer plays Allison, an assistant to the head of the company.

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As is often the case with Bayer, she manages to create a character who is either annoyingly eccentric or strangely charming.

The King of Polka (2017) – 5,9; Streaming on Netflix

Many films (and TV series) have been made about scammers, including “The King of the Polka”. Starring Jack Black as Jan Levan, who was imprisoned for fraud. This is a kind of comedy biopic, in which a very talented cast.

Bayer plays the role of Bitsy Bear from the ensemble “Jan”. Despite the fact that she spends most of her time on the screen in a bear costume, Bayer still manages to endow the role with her unique charm.

Trainwreck- 6.2 (2015); Currently not broadcast

Amy Schumer has proven time and time again that she is one of the best comedians of her generation, and she has played many wonderful roles. One of her best films is Trainwreck, in which she has an undeniable chemistry with Bill Hader. As is often the case in Bayer’s career, she plays the small but important role of Schumer’s best friend, Nikki.

She is a kind of minor character with the energy of the main character, as she not only puts her shoulder to cry, but also gives her own cynical relationship advice.

Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar (2021) — 6,3; Broadcast on Hulu

“Barb and the Star are Going to Vista del Mar” is interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the extremely talented Kristen Wiig is playing one of her best roles. However, it is also notable for the fact that her “Saturday Night Live” co-star Vanessa Bayer played the role of Debbie, a woman leading a group known as the Talking Club.

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Bayer gives this character a kind of sinister (but also hilarious) charisma, given that she runs the group with absolute power.

Sound Board-6.4 (2013-present); Currently not broadcast

Despite the fact that she has established herself as a very successful supporting character, Bayer is also no stranger to her own show. In the case of Sound Advice, this meant that she played the role of Janessa Slater, a media coach who gives (mostly unnecessary and often ignorant) advice to various musicians.

In less skilled hands, her character would become nothing more than an irritant, but somehow Bayer manages to turn her into someone the audience wants to see and spend time with.

Will and Grace – 7.3 (1998-2006; 2017-2020); Broadcast on Hulu

Will and Grace are known as some of the most influential representatives of LGBTQ+ on television. Both in its original release and in its revival, it was a series in which the minor characters were given great depth and complexity, although it never lost sight of the fact that they were supposed to be funny.

In this case, Vanessa Bayer plays Amy, the owner of a candy store. She will play another character in the TV series “Friday”.