I-LAND could make a second season, now with girls


I-LAND could launch a second season of the reality show between BigHit and Mnet to find the new K-pop girl group.

The world of Korean pop is increasingly expanding into music, conquering fans around the world and inspiring young people from Asia, or America, to become idols and achieve their dreams as singers. BTS’s agency successfully ended their survival show where ENHYPEN, the new boy group that will debut very soon, was born.


The stories of some K-pop stars reveal that to achieve fame, trainees had to attend auditions that Korean entertainment agencies do; However, the history of other idols began as participants in reality shows, groups like TWICE, IZ * One, Wanna One or Stray Kids, developed from a contest.

During the latest episode of I-LAND, Mnet revealed a major announcement that sparked fan rumors, apparently BigHit and Mnet will join forces again and hold global auditions soon in order to find the new female K-pop hopefuls. , trainees who could compete in a second season of reality.


Currently, BigHit only has a single girl group, GFriend, although they are artists under the Source Music label, a sub-agency of the company since recently. This project could be the debut that the company plans and revealed during one of its conferences, where it reported that it will debut a girl group in 2021, although it could be one more.

The news has not yet been confirmed, but after the success of I-LAND it is expected that there will be a new season, similar to Produce and the different versions it has made to create new groups, although they only grant them one to two years of contract . Some fans shared their wishes on social networks that if the new episodes are made, they want to know the female bet of BigHit.

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For now, the idols of ENHYPEN are ready to make their debut, they have already inaugurated their official social networks, as well as a calendar with activities so that their fans are attentive and familiarize themselves with the members.


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