“I Just Grabbed Him And Kissed Him” Millie Bobby Brown Tells How She Filmed a Kiss Scene in “Enola Holmes 2”


The Netflix mystery starring Millie Bobby Brown as the younger Holmes became popular after its release. Fans liked the storyline of Enola Holmes 2, and they called it even more exciting and adventurous than the previous one. Following in the footsteps of his brother, this young detective finds himself somewhere. In addition, she uses the advice given by her mother, and finally asks for help from Viscount Tewkesbury, and eventually from Sherlock Holmes.

At the same time, viewers also get to see the sparkling romance between two young friends. Well, a little romance among the chaos was very necessary, as the audience had been waiting a long time to see these two together. It was a delightful sight for people when Enola and Tewkesbury confessed their feelings. But do you know how Brown and Louis Partridge filmed the kiss scene? Let’s see what the teen star said about it!

Millie Bobby Brown talked about how she kissed her partner in the movie “Enola Holmes 2”.
Millie Bobby Brown recently took a ride in New York with Drew Barrymore in the car. During this amazing trip, the 18-year-old actress talked about Enola Holmes 2 and how she kissed her co-star Louis Partridge. The star of “Very strange things” said that it was her first kiss when her father was around. So Partridge suggested doing it in one take and doing it quickly.

“He was so nervous that I just grabbed him and kissed him, and he’s like that,” Brown explained. Moreover, Barrymore said that this is really Enola’s thing, since this character is not afraid of anything. For example, we saw in the film how she kissed the Viscount without hesitation when they went to the factory.

In addition to the kiss, fans also caught a glimpse of this cute couple circling to the melodies of love. Enola, who really wanted to talk to William, asks Tewkesbury to teach her some moves. It was the first time they felt a connection that both tried to suppress because of their responsibilities.


Meanwhile, we also got an English actor’s idea of the kiss scene, and he said it was the first scene of the sequel they shot. He said their relationship looked amazing in the movie because he and Millie are great friends. “It was brilliant. I think it was overdue. The kiss has been building up for a while,” Partridge said. The 19-year-old actor had a lot of fun playing this romantic side for the first time with his friend.

What do you think about this cute couple of detectives who solve cases together and fall in love with each other? Tell us your opinion in the comments and stay tuned with us to find out more such news.


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