“I have such an addiction to…” — Billy Eilish Weighs in on His Musical Experience As an Infant.


Billie Eilish is an excellent student in her class. If you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the seventeen-year-old prodigy and her far-reaching talent. Currently, she is an Internet sensation of a new style of music that resonates with millions. However, the brighter the star, the darker the story. There are some frightening reasons behind her enormous fame, which we rarely know about.

However, the star finally broke the wall of silence about his choice of the most creepy and depressing genres of the era. Her emotional look and subtle dark vibrations are created not only to maintain the “Gothic aesthetics”. In fact, the star has a legitimate reason that will make you appreciate everything she went through at such an early age.

Billy Eilish breaks his musical genre

One of the main advantages of the Ocean Eyes singer is that she is never afraid to be herself. Even if it caused some surprise, the star remained true to her depressingly playful songs that redefine the era of pop music. Starring in Audibles’ Origins, Eilish explained why all her songs have the same terrifying and melancholic atmosphere. According to her, “familiarity with pain is the key” to life. “I have such an addiction to empathy,” Ellish said, saying that emotional pain has been her only driving force so far.

She believes that all her intimate feelings serve as fuel for the flame of her passion, which she pours out through her voice. Billie Eilish also told how strange it was for her in the early years of her singing career. It was quite “unpleasant” for her to deal with people who considered her music sad and depressing. She also weighed in on the fact that her music was comparatively insignificant before the number of suffering songs by The Beatles and Lana Del Rey.

Nevertheless, the singer stuck to her ideology and showed that all her songs are an honest interpretation of her life. All of them were aimed only at letting the sadness of life sink in, instead of desperately fighting it. She finds strength in absorbing vulnerable emotions and reflects the same sense of understanding in her songs.

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