I Hate Flash celebrates the popularization of game photos


In recent years it has become a trend to see a photography mode in practically every major game on the market. From Death Stranding to the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, allowing the player to play as a photographer ended up becoming almost a must among triple A games.

But what do real photographers think of this feature? To find out, we talked to Luiz Sontachi and Bléia Campos from the collective of content producers I Hate Flash, who do a really cool job with in game photographs. Check out how our conversation went:

How did your interest in ingame photographs come about? How did you approach games in your content production?

Luiz Sontachi: I think it came from a combination of two things that I really like, photography and video games. I had played a little before, but with GTA 5 I think I started to take it more seriously. I started playing online with a friend, who is also a photographer, and we started freaking out about what we could do and when I saw it, it was over.


Bléia Campos: I started practicing even with the quarantine, when I finally bought my Playstation 4, it was still parked on the PS3. I have already followed people who photograph Ingame, like Leonardo Sang, who is a reference for me., He has several authorial works and also for companies and game events. I had heard of works done in GTA 5, which is a fantastic open world game and with this feature of photography on the characters’ cell phones.

My interest also comes from being without my routine, which each day was different, being a freelance photographer I was always traveling, covering some event / party or editing my materials. So, this rhythm was completely slowed down and I started to have more time and, consequently, to play more. I had already played the Spider-Man game – I always liked the character, the fact that Peter Parker was a photographer and such – and I loved it, it was the first one I bought when I also bought the Playstation 4.

When the game makes it available, I spend a lot of time in photography mode, I also take a lot of printout of cool moments. At the time I bought my console also Death Stranding, which is a game with fantastic photography mode. In it you can do a lot, change the expression and position of the character of both BB and Sem Bridges, so a scene that was just a freeze, a pause, becomes his interpretation of what can regulate the camera, depth of field, hue and saturation of the scene, etc. So this mode ends up making me spend even more time on games, than I would from just doing the extra missions and the story.

When I started taking these photos, I got excited and wanted to edit them on my computer. I started to work on them in a kind of post-production, correcting tone, contrast, crop, because sometimes you want to give another nuance to the moment you registered within the game. With this freedom to move in the ever-increasing images, you become the “author” of that too, that interpretation of the game.


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