“I had no idea what I was doing” — Millie Bobby Brown once told about her period before “Stranger Things”.


It’s a myth that it’s easy to get a role or just a head start in the film industry. One of the best examples is truthfully shown in the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. by Joey Tribbiani, who moved to New York to become an actor. However, it was certainly not easy for him to get roles even in commercials. Well, the famous star Millie Bobby Brown in real life experienced something similar to Joey.

The star of the TV series “Stranger Things” also had a hard time. But before looking at Brown’s struggles, here’s something about her accomplishments. Millie’s first big break was the supernatural sci-fi drama Netflix Original. She played the role of Eleven, a child who had undergone scientific research. Brown was also the lead actress in another Netflix movie called Enola Holmes. In addition, she has appeared in two Godzilla films and as a guest star in television shows such as Anatomy of Passion, Modern Family and NCIS. Having achieved all this success as an actress at such a young age, Millie tells how she went through the struggle before all this.

Millie Bobby Brown also had to go through a difficult period.

The 18-year-old star is the youngest UNICEF ambassador. She also launched her beauty products brand called Florence by Mills. The actress appeared in an interview in 2017 and talked about how she achieved her big breakthrough. From a young age, Millie wanted to become an actress. She moved to Los Angeles with her parents when they were broke. Along the way, she met many actors. The young star said that they are all going through the same struggle as her.

Fortunately, her parents supported her in everything. They even took baby Millie to audition when they almost lost everything. The actress received a couple of works, such as “Anatomy of Passion” and “Family of Moders”, but they did not become her big breakthrough. Before she got a role in “Stranger Things”, she played the main role in the TV series “Intruders”. Speaking of this, Millie said: “I had no idea what I was doing.”

However, baby Brown did not participate in the press interview, as the network wanted to protect her. But after that, when they had no money left, they returned to England. One thing led to another, and she got a role in the incredibly popular TV series “Very Strange Things”. And the rest is history, as you all know.


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