“I felt so guilty”— Ryan Reynolds Once Spoke About His Initial Reaction to The R-rated Drama “Change” With Jason Bateman.


Ryan Reynolds had a real adventure on the set of his movie “Change”. He and Jason Bateman have become a triple threat for a comedy film. The 2011 film may not have been liked by critics, but it was full of comedic scenes and episodes. However, it was not without bright scenes.

If the audience is having fun laughing at this scene, it only makes you think how funny it should be for the actors and the crew to shoot a comedy film. Ryan Reynolds spoke about his experience of filming and reading the script of the film during an interview.

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Although Ryan Reynolds made a career out of his comedic roles, even he reacted cheerfully after reading the script of the film. During the interview, Reynolds was asked how he felt after reading the script of the film. Reynolds explained that when he read about the premise of the film, he didn’t react much. But he was told that the writers of “The Hangover” would be writing this film. Therefore, he was advised to read the entire script.

The actor was in New Orleans when he read the script. He described it this way: “I cried, laughed and felt so guilty because it seemed to me that this premise was so ridiculous.” But then Ryan Reynolds continued to read all this and eventually called the comedy headquarters in Los Angeles, and also found out that Bateman was involved in the project. Although we saw the duo working on the big screen, they were also friends, and their on-screen chemistry was proof of that.

Based in Atlanta, the film revolves around two friends wanting to live each other’s lives. While Bateman’s character is a married, sedentary guy, Reynold plays a playboy. After getting drunk one night, they start urinating into the fountain, wanting it, and then realize that the next morning their bodies have changed places.

This is followed by a series of fun and adventurous films. Have you seen the movie yet? Comment on your thoughts.


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