“I don’t have the income to…” — When Sydney Sweeney Honestly Talked About Her Bills and Hollywood Show Business


Hollywood promises money and a luxurious lifestyle. While this may be true for big shots, it’s not the same for struggling actors. Often these promising starving actors have to work for years until they get a role that will make them everyone’s attention. Sydney Sweeney is just one of the prime examples.

Without a Godfather in business, a 25-year-old girl had to do it on her own. Working hard, it took her years before she landed roles in premium cable network shows. 2022 was the year when she shone the most and received two Emmy Award nominations for her role in “White Lotus” and “Euphoria.” Despite everything, she was still worried about her financial situation.

Sydney Sweeney Says HBO’s Salary Isn’t Enough to Keep Her Afloat

Although things were definitely starting to improve for the young actress in 2022, she still didn’t have enough savings to take a six-month vacation. During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Sidney Sweeney said that the salary from the show is not enough to cover all expenses.

“If I wanted to take a six—month break, I wouldn’t have the money to cover it,” the actress admitted last year. She had to keep filling her schedule with as many projects as possible because she had bills to pay.

Looking at the pay structure in Hollywood, she found that actors don’t earn as much as they used to. The salary has definitely decreased since the streamers entered the game. In addition to the established stars, the actors no longer received the remainder. Sydney Sweeney had to pay ten percent to her agents, five percent to her lawyers and three percent to her business manager.

For a budding actress like Sweeney to capitalize on her momentum, it was important to stay in the news and stay relevant to this internet generation. Press-related activities included hair, makeup and styling, which aggravated her financial situation. To afford to live in Los Angeles, the Euphoria star had to turn to brands such as Miu Miu, Armani and Laneige. And after almost 5 years, she finally bought a house in Los Angeles.

Next time she will appear with Glen Powell in a romantic comedy. Are you excited about it? Share it with us in the comments.


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