“I can’t wait to see them in full flight” — That’s Who Ryan Reynolds Is Rooting For at The Racetrack


Ryan Reynolds is a man who does everything. From the protagonist of one of Marvel’s biggest movies to being the biggest supporter of Wrexham Football Club. However, support is not all he does for Wrexham FC. In recent years, Reynolds and Rob McElhenny have led the Wales football team. But they have done much more to restore Wrexham to its former glory. This includes the Wrexham AFC Women’s Club.

To buy Wrexham FC, Reynolds and McElhenny made one of their biggest investments not only in monetary terms, but also with their support. Despite the busy schedule, the duo finds time to cheer for their teams by coming to the matches. And when this happens, it is always a session full of entertainment and enthusiasm. Being a Twitter guru, the Green Lantern actor hinted which game you’ll find he’ll be rooting for next.

Ryan Reynolds in the Wrexham FC Women team!

The producer of Free Guy, along with the producer of It Always Sunny In Philadelphia, made it clear when they took over the management of the Wrexham Football Club that the women’s program would be a top priority for them. And they were finally able to sow the seeds of the same when they applied for a tier one license for the Wrexham FC women’s team in early February 2023. Match against Connah’s Quah Nomads on March 26. And Reynolds was one of the first to greet them.

“I can’t wait to see them in full force,” Ryan Reynolds tweeted, urging fans to buy tickets.

The upcoming match is important for Wrexham FC, and the fact that they have already broken the record before the start of the match is proof of that. To play at the racecourse, the Wrexham FC women’s team set a record by attracting the largest Welsh crowd.

Wrexham FC Women Meet League Trophies

The women’s team proved exceptional for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny. And they accidentally set a record after International Women’s Day this year.

The club announced that the league trophies will be awarded to the team and players under the age of 19 at the racetrack. Although Reynolds has yet to announce his presence at the club, his excitement is a clear hint that he wants to be there more than anything.

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