“I can keep my dogs company” — when Meghan Markle presented a gift to Queen Elizabeth II


Meghan Markle once amused Queen Elizabeth with a gift. The actress faced a number of difficulties when she moved to the UK after her wedding to Prince Harry. She tried to blend in well with her new family, but it didn’t work out very well. In one of the most shocking moments in the history of the royal family, later called Megxit, she and Prince Harry moved to the US to do it on their own.

The “Force Majeure” actress blamed the media and some members of the royal family for her departure, but she was definitely trying to merge with her new family. In the early years, she learned more about the likes and dislikes of members of the royal family, royal protocols and etiquette. So when she met the late Queen, she had a gift ready to impress her grandmother-in-law, and Her Majesty had an interesting answer.

What did Queen Elizabeth II say to Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle had a rather unusual gift for Her Majesty for Christmas. The then royal presented a singing toy hamster on a string. Her Majesty was really surprised by the gift and said that he “can keep my dogs company.” According to royal experts, it was funny when Her Majesty’s corgis tried to grab a singing hamster. The gift of the queens was short-lived, as the excited corgis instantly tore it apart. Their relationship was one of the few good ones that Markle had at the Firm, as it was known that she had problems with Kate Middleton, Harry’s cousins and even with employees.

The couple has since moved to the US and dealt another blow to the royal family with their interview with Oprah. The actress has since returned to her career by launching a Spotify podcast called Archetypes, named after her son Archie. While Harry is working on his explosive memoir, Spare.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the whole world witnessed the long-awaited return of Sussex to the UK. Some hoped that this reunion would mark the beginning of the restoration of relations. Although this has not happened yet, and the couple returned to the US to continue working. Nevertheless, Meghan Markle will always keep a special memory of her with Her Majesty.

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