Hyunjin and Felix reveal Stray Kids strengths and difficulties


Hyunjin and Felix showed off their best poses and talked about the challenges they face as a group alongside all of the Stray Kids members.

K-Pop idols test their talents and qualities to fans through various means.In addition to watching them sing and dance on stage, Hyunjin and Felix showed their charisma during the charming photoshoot they had with DAZED magazine, the Images captivated the fans and here we tell you why.

The December edition will feature the participation of these two talented SKZ members, who have stood out for their vocal skills, stage presence and fashion sense. For that reason, the boys wore outfits that every idol fan will love.

These are outfits with items from the Dior brand that combine an elegant style with comfort, since the shirts and jackets of the idols were combined with tennis shoes that highlight the outfit.


The magazine also conducted an interview with the idols, where Felix revealed that, although they always try to show the best of their work to the fans, there are difficulties and challenges that they must overcome and one of them is to adjust their schedules to be able to train all together and improve choreography.

On the other hand, Hyunjin confessed that he has a competitive character that guides him to continue practicing, since while resting he begins to think that at that moment there must be others training to be better.

In Rex Nation you can find some ideas to recreate outfits inspired by Bang Chan’s unique style.

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