Hyundai would partner with Apple to build electric car


South Korean automaker Hyundai could be chosen as Apple’s partner in the development of an electric car. The proposed alliance would already be in the hands of the manufacturer, which has not yet given a definitive answer to Apple.

According to the website Hankyung, Hyundai would be responsible for the manufacture of the electric car and also for the development of a new battery that would be the main source of energy for the model. The launch deadline would be 2027 and does not necessarily involve an autopilot system. Recently, Hyundai started promoting its new electric car, the Ioniq 5.

Hyundai is not the only automaker consulted by Apple and all talks are still in very early stages. However, the simple rumor that the company was involved made the brand’s shares in Seoul soar by 19% on Thursday (7) – closing the day with the highest value of the last 20 years.

It’s gonna take a while

Conversations about an “Apple Car” have been circulating for some years, first with the company taking over the entire project and then looking for possible specialized companies to take care of production. A report published in December last year indicates that the deadline could be extended beyond 2028, due to the standards required by the company and changes in the electric car sector.


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