Hyundai ve Canoo’dan ‘Ölçeklenebilir Elektrikli Araç Platformu’ Ortaklığı


Hyundai and the US electric car venture Canoo announced that they have partnered to develop a scalable electric vehicle platform. The platform will support all vehicles of the future Hyundai and Kia brands.

Founded by a former BMW engineer, Ulrich Kranz, the Los Angeles-based electric vehicle initiative Canoo differs from other companies in the industry with its bold and innovative vision. In the previous news, we shared with you that the company plans to bring a brand new breath to the electric vehicle ecosystem with its monthly subscription system.

Canoo aims to develop cars that serve a completely specific purpose, such as autonomous delivery vehicles and chauffeured luxury vehicles. The company adopts the ‘skateboard’ model to make its production faster and more cost-effective.

Thanks to the model in question, dozens of different models can be built on only one platform. The skateboard platform, which contains many components including engine, battery and chassis, enables the production of more than one model on the same line.

Concept designs of vehicles built on Canoo’s skateboard platform
Planning to launch the seven-person electric minivan model that it designed on the platform in question in 2021, Canoo rolled up its sleeves to develop a scalable electric vehicle platform with South Korean automotive giant Hyundai.

Seeing great potential on the skateboard platform, Hyundai aims to produce low-cost autonomous and manned delivery vehicles through its Los Angeles-based initiative. It is said that cargo companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL are already in line for these vehicles.


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