Hyundai leaks IONIQ 5, its electric car with fast charging


The world’s leading automakers have been working in recent years to start replacing their gasoline-powered models with electric vehicles. Jeep has already launched some of its models, the Wrangler 4x being the most recent of them, and even sports brands like Audi plan to launch electric cars, such as the E-Tron GT.

Among the most popular brands, the South Korean Hyundai is one of the brands that has invested the most in the segment. In addition to developing an interior concept for an electric car in partnership with LG, the IONIQ Cabin Concept, the manufacturer has maintained contact with Samsung for the production of vehicles powered by electricity.

Now, unintentionally, Hyundai ended up releasing the details of its next big line of electric cars in advance. The company has published a page dedicated to the IONIQ family, which will include its future electric cars, but has already taken it down. Even so, the Web Archive site ended up saving the content, which was then propagated by the media.

According to the page removed, the company’s first model in the new line will be the IONIQ 5, an E-CUV, a type of vehicle with electric motors that would be positioned between sedans and traditional SUVs. The car has robust specifications, including a 230 kW engine, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km / h in just over 5 seconds.

Its biggest highlights, however, would be the autonomy, which would reach no less than 280 miles, or something around 450 km, with the battery 100% charged, and the speed of its charging. At an appropriate station, the IONIQ 5 could recover 60% charge in just 15 minutes.

Faced with the dissemination of information, Hyundai took a stand on the leak, stating that mass production should start only in 2022 and that this would be only a first edition of the car. Therefore, we can expect that many improvements will still be made by then.