Hyundai introduces hybrid concept between cars


South Korean automaker Hyundai introduced the concept of a mobility vehicle that can take two forms. In addition to having four wheels and acting as an autonomous car, the TIGER can expand the “limbs” and become a kind of four-legged robot.

The project’s name is an acronym: Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot. It is currently being developed by New Horizons Studio, a Hyundai laboratory, in partnership with Autodesk and the design and innovation company Sundberg-Ferar.

The TIGER is not a manned vehicle: the idea is that it is a model capable of carrying only cargo, and not people, to access difficult-to-reach terrain, such as in rescue missions or natural disasters. Equipment may include first aid kits or food, for example.

To move around, it would have 360º directional control, several sensors for observing the environment and the possibility of being connected to large drones that recharge and transport the vehicle.

He should spend most of his time in the car format, but expand his “legs” to climb high platforms or avoid stones, for example.

The prototype created so far has been named TIGER X-1 and is seen as an evolution of previous concepts, such as Elevate, which was presented at CES 2019 and was imagined as a kind of urban robot-taxi.

It is worth remembering that Hyundai recently acquired the manufacturer Boston Dynamics, specialized in creating machines of the most diverse formats capable of walking and even dancing in an autonomous and organic way. On the other hand, she seems increasingly distant from being responsible for making Apple’s electric car.


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